My New Avengers: Endgame Themed 2019 Summer Single, “I Love You 3000” Out Now Everywhere Music Is Streamed And Sold.

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“10 Years Of Nerd Rock” West Coast Tour 2019!

Full Tour Schedule HERE.

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KRACKLEFEST 9 (3/15) On Sale Now.

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KRACKLEFEST 9 - A Night Of Nerd Rock!

ECCC and nerd-rock artist Kirby Krackle are proud to present KRACKLEFEST 9 - A Night Of Nerd-Rock! taking place at Hard Rock Seattle on Friday, March 15nd only a few blocks from the con!

Now in it’s 9th year, KRACKLEFEST has served as the annual nerd-rock concert and showcase during ECCC since 2010 with this year’s bill featuring the talents of Halifax based rapper Wordburglar, Portland’s mighty Megathruster, and of course nerd-rock pioneer Kirby Krackle to close out the night! 

Join us for this celebration of music and comedy with exclusive KRACKLEFEST 9 merch, themed specialty drinks, and get nerd-rocked while you’re at it!

Please visit to learn more and what nerd-rock is all about.

8:00 PM doors | 8:30PM show | 21+

$15 advance / $18 day of show

Presale tickets ($15) available online via Ticketweb or through the artists. You may also pay at the door with cash ($18).

The Cavern Club is a live music venue above the Hard Rock Cafe with limited seating available on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations accepted upstairs. 


Kirby Krackle Turns 10.


Kirby Krackle is 10 years old today.

10 years of Nerd Rock.

Happy Birthday, Kirby Krackle.

Normally I wouldn’t say “Happy Birthday” to myself at the risk of internet mockery, and rightfully so, but in many ways Kirby Krackle isn’t me. Also, in many ways it is me to my deepest core. Sitting here having just put my little girl to bed and musing how I feel about this mile-marker at this exact moment in my life, if you prefer a well thought out PR statement compared to a dose of shooting-from-the-hip with a heavy does artist hubu-juju…then this might be the moment you want to check out.

Still here?

My people…

The artist life is a weird thing…and that’s putting it mildly. Whether your medium is music, visual art, dance, the written word, or the multitude of other anxiety inducing career life choices…it will kick your ass and grind whatever sense of self-confidence, talent, and/or perceived sense of self-worth into the ground; rubbing your face into the Earth past the rocks and twigs and into the sub-layers of the planet we all call home, and yet still you will ask for more. You will still get back up if only because you don’t know how to do anything else as well, among many other reasons. Because nothing you’ve eaten in this life tastes so good as the moments you’ve experienced and the “promised possibility” of what the artist life can give you. What it keeps teasing you with in its effort to keep your fire alive.


Because in the few moments a crisis of the soul isn’t happening, it has the potential to take you to the highest highs; heights of self-confidence and hard-worked-for-rewards for which there is no other way to reach them. And further within those facts of time and space during an artist's life, what you expect of it, feel worthy of, feel deserving of and all its potential will change. It will also change within you time and time again. It will show you roads you can take that will lead you to what you think you want; roads that will make you stray from your path of perceived happiness, and the thing all these roads have in common is that none of them are marked for what lies at the end of them…the only way to discover what that is is to follow them. If your self-worth is built around Spotify plays, “likes”, followers, Kickstarter pledge numbers, or any of the other unconsciously culturally unagreed-upon metrics from which our society perceives value, whether in your favor or not, then that is truly the saddest choice you can make. The choice of eventual and promised disappointment. Still, it’s reflection is shiny and I as well as anyone can and probably will always be seduced by its easy answer to life’s quest and moving questions for what is important; what defines success and what is the secret formula for lasting and emotionally moving art.

For me, Kirby Krackle as a project has been about many things, but at the root it has always been about love; love of music and fantasy and genre and where they all meet in an imperfect mess of light and sound for whomever chooses to listen.

A mess I didn’t see being made 10 years ago. A mess I decided to try to make for myself in the form of “nerd rock”. I have been in love with its potential since day one, and though that love is deep and has rewarded my loyalty many times, it has in as many times and equal ways broken my heart; opportunities lost that were so close I brushed them with my cheek and smelled them in the air right in front of me. Opportunities I will always wonder if I could have breathed in if I could have stretched for them *just that much farther*. Expectation can be a cage we make for ourselves, and many times I’ve found myself on either side of the door wondering either how I got out, or how to free myself from within its gates.

Since the Kirby Krackle self-titled debut in 2009, I’ve had the great fortune of being welcomed into the world of comics as an outsider by those who have been my heroes growing up, and thankfully have fallen in love with the fact that my heroes, who created heroes, were in fact worthy of the characters they brought to life for all of us. Also true is that there have been times I’ve felt ignored in my offerings by powers for whom I believe if had given my work a listen, would have seen that my heart is more alike theirs than not. Kirby Krackle and it’s journey has presented me with many learning opportunities, if anything.

There have been many times I have been tempted to stop when the river of both professional and public interest seemed to have strayed from listening to the message I’ve tried to present; a message that sometimes I’m not entirely sure of myself but is enough there in its essence for me to still deeply believe in. A message I believe will eventually make for a full picture like at the end of a movie when both the audience and director finally “get it”.

I’ve been overjoyed to have members of my live band stick around for many trips around the sun, and have fought natural change when they have left; a mourning of the lost potential of what we could have done together and at the same time purposefully fought the feeling of abandonment when in reality it was their journey that they needed to expand upon and not a leaving of my dream.

And where is that dream headed now? I sit here in the moment not having an answer for you, and though that scares me to read back, it’s true. I know I have more I want to say. I have sounds I’m still trying to find. But what are they? I hope we can figure that out together as artist and audience as we continue to dance in the sounds and community we have created together up until this point.

A lot has changed in the past 10 years for me as I’m sure it has for you. A LOT. Still, with all that change…the one constant has been you; the listener who I desperately hope finds a piece of themselves in the message of hope and empowerment and heroes and possibility and music and tone and essence of what is the constant evolving and movement of Kirby Krackle music.

Thank you for being here and your continued listening.

Thank you for giving me someone to write for these past 10 years.

Thank YOU.


My new album, Suburban Hearts/Vigilante Hymns out now.

Kirby Krackle-Suburban Hearts Vigilante Hymns_CLR.jpg

My new album Suburban Hearts/Vigilante Hymns is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and wherever digital music is streamed and sold.

Recorded over the summer in Seattle, SH/VH was written for those who need to hear and wish to share it’s message of love, inclusion, and hope for all.

Thank you for listening!


New Shirts Out Now In The Store.

My new logo shirts are now available in my store with a new logo designed by Toronto's own Vicki Nerino. Available in Gold/Black and Pink/White. Unisex for all body types. S-2XL.


Official Music Video - "Cosplay Queen" Out Now.

August 21, 2017

Kirby Krackle At Disney's D23 Fan Expo This Weekend.

July 11, 2017

Announced this week, I'll be heading down to Anaheim and Disney's D23 Expo with my band to perform two shows during during the action packed weekend. 

Catch each 30-minute set live on the Center stage at the following times:

Friday: 5:15-5:45PM
Sunday: 12:45-11:15PM

This is a big treat to play right on the floor during a convention, something that I wish more cons would do and I'm excited for the opportunity to bring nerd-rock proper to the Disney fan event.

Though I won't be tabling, if you are there please come by the side of the stage after the performance to say hi and for awkward hi-5s! AWKWARD.


2017 Australian Tour Announced - Sydney & Perth.

I'm really looking forward to returning to see all the amazing Kracklehead fans in Australia as part of Supanova's Sydney and Perth tour stops. See you there, and for the first time I'm bringing my full Iive band with me.

Check for all show and appearance info.


"Hail, Hail: A Tribute To Pearl Jam" - A Night Of Music And Celebration Benefiting The Vitalogy Foundation.

Join my friends and I for "Hail, Hail: A Tribute To Pearl Jam" benefiting The Vitalogy Foundation on April 8th in Seattle feat. many talents performing the songs you love in honor of the band's Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony that weekend. 

100% of the show proceeds go to Vitalogy Foundation which supports the efforts of non-profit organizations doing commendable work in the fields of community health, the environment, arts & education and social change.

Tickets available here.

Fan Club Singles Vol. 1 (2014-2016) Out Now.

Out now, Fan Club Singles: Vol. 1 making available the best of the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club thus far in this new 19-song digital only release.


Track List:

- Alone (pre-"They Day My Powers Arrived" version)

- Dreams They Come / Dreams They Go

- Booty In The Stuffing

- It Suits You (Poe / Finn Tribute)

- Roll Over (Acapella Version)

- Popsicle Truck

- Fighting At IKEA Again (Allentown parody)

- Are You Satisfied With Your Care? (Big Hero 6 song)

- Ring Capacity (8-Bit Version) 

- Take Me To Brunch (Take Me To Church parody)

- The Waiting

- Manspreader (Maneater parody)

- The Wanderer (Fallout version)

- Churros (Hello parody)

- Tim Tam Poetry Slam

- Frank The Pocket (Murder Mix)

- Set Your Phasers To Pastries

- Another Stupid Summer Song

- North Of The Wall (Lounge version)

New Kirby Krackle / Stranger Things Logo Apparel Now Available On Threadless.

Announcing the first in a new series of designs partnering with Threadless. Available now, my new STRANGER THINGS logo in a variety of high-quality shirts, hoodies, children's items and women's fitted apparel. 

And for the first time ever..."cozy pants"!

The Upside Down EP (A Stranger Things Mixtape) Out Now For Free Download.

I love the STRANGER THINGS original soundtrack written by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein. 

As a fan of their work, I was inspired to add vocal melodies and lyrics inspired by the feelings of childhood and it's wonder brought to the surface after watching the show. Thank you for listening.

Download here.

Catch Me At DragonCon 2016 this weekend!

Interested In Booking Kirby Krackle For A Convention, Private Show Or House Concert? View My  New 2016 Sizzle & Promo Reel Out Now.

Kirby Krackle Now Appearing On Star-Lord's Mixtape On Marvel's "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Cartoon on Disney XD.

March 4th, 2016

Kirby Krackle is debuting new music appearing on Star-Lord's mixtape in the GOTG Marvel cartoon on Disney XD for Eps. #113 and #114.

Marvel announcement:

Thank you to the KK community who helped make this happen for us and I hope you love the throwback sounding jams!

New Single, "The New Infidelity" Out Now.

March 3, 2016

Modern love is getting more and more complicated. Our Netflix and DVR obsessed culture has redefined what it is to be a loyal partner. Don't be the one to skip ahead alone on episodes...this is, "The New Infidelity".

Download "The New Infidelity" on iTunes: and Bandcamp:

Now On Sale During Emerald City Comic Con Weekend (4/8).

February 15, 2016.

The biggest after-hours nerd-music variety show during Emerald City Comic Con is back...KRACKLEFEST 6 on sale now for Friday, April 8th.

Tickets available here ($10 Adv./$13 Doors):

I'm excited to bring you Married With Sea Monsters ("Face It Tiger!") from Waco, TX this year for their first NW appearance. Truly one of nerd-rock's best new bands. Joining the line-up will be the return of the mighty Death*Star. Hosted by Aaron Roden of The Air-Raid Podcast.

Poster art by the badassery of Sean Dove.

Grab your tickets before they're gone, this show will sell out and can't wait to rock what the boys and I have been working on for you!



"It Suits You" - New FinnPoe / Star Wars Single Available Now.

January 19, 2016


Download on Bandcamp here.

"That's my jacket...It suits you." 

Written and dedicated to the fan shippers and everyone that wants more for Finn and Poe.


We were both afraid
And we needed help
You were there for me
When I needed out
In this galaxy so big and wide
I could be your man
You could be my guy

So take my heart
It suits you
And you can think of me
When I think of you
There's nothing the two of us cannot do
We could be a we
If it suits you

So much changing at so much cost
But in your starry eyes, I'm never lost
A hunger burns just like X-Wing fuel
And once it's lit it melts away the rules

So take my heart
It suits you
And you can think of me
When I think of you
There's nothing the two of us cannot do
We could be a we
If it suits you

No use for a name
But now I call it love
I can fly anything
So let me lift you up
If I don't make it back you see
It was you I was thinking of
It was always you... 

So take my heart
It suits you
And you can think of me
When I think of you
There's nothing the two of us cannot do
We could be a we
If it suits you

Gizmodo and iO9 Did A Feature on Kirby Krackle. Read It Here.

January 12, 2016

Watch The Brand New Official Music Video For "We Had A Good Run!"

January 7, 2016

Thank You For A Great 2015.

If 2014 was about Kirby Krackle trying to find it's soul again, 2015 was about trying to shine it's bright nerdy glow anywhere I could. KK went hard this year. Really hard. And in Wisconsin in November where the band and I capped off the last convention of the year staring at a baby tiger playing with a stuffed baby tiger in the middle of an African-themed water park, I decided we should do something that I can't remember last time we've done...take some time off. As we get ready to pick up rehearsal again next week after a month of my neighbors enjoying the silence of the season, I've had some time to gain some perspective about what KK has done this year and where I want the band to go next.


 2015 kicked off with the release of MUTATE, BABY! and KK's 5th full-length album. For me, it was a big release of energy having spent much of 2014 recording the record and writing what I felt were the best songs we've put to tape yet. I wanted to record an album that made people feel good and asked some of the harder questions that I've struggled with when asked myself these past few years. My hope was that when the last song faded out you felt ready to take on the world, however insane and hopeless it may seem when you turn on the 24/7 news cycle.  If you did feel like that, then I'm happy to hear the record did it's job. Real talk, on the flip side there were more than a few down moments when it was quite hard for me to see the album not reaching further than I felt in my heart it would. As an independent artist, when a new release hits it's me in front of my computer every day reaching out to bloggers, reviews, and sites to let them know that my album (along with everyone else doing this) is here ready to be heard. Doing art for a living is basically not a sane mental choice, however those who do it know that you have no other choice in your heart. I know many of my fellow artists of all genres know this for yourselves as well as it can be almost impossible in our current world climate to not equate your feelings about your work according to how many likes, retweets, plays, etc your work reflects. On my best days I know all those things are all bullshit, and on my worst...


All that said, however frustrating it was to at times not buy into the energy of disappointment after all my "This is the one!" feelings were skewed, I was more so inspired by the personal connections that fans communicated to me this year regarding how our music affects them. This is highest form of compliment for any artist and at the end of the day (and your life) what it's all about. How did you make people feel? Did they and you feel a belonging to something more? This is what I came back to again and again during my month off as what matters most to me. It's something I've always known but obviously needed a reminder of; the gratitude for how fortunate I am to be able to express my art and music in the way it's received. If there was one thing I learned in 2015 it was that from this point on art for me won't be enjoyed nor produced by mentally putting all my efforts into one "big splash", but instead in the power of moments. Moments like being thankful for all the "Awkward Hi-5's" all year long on the road and at conventions.  Moments like being thankful for the family that drove 2 hours to come to Salt Lake City Comic Con to say hi because they enjoy singing our songs together. Moments like the gentleman who asked if he could come up on stage with his girlfriend (that's 4 now!) and propose to his lady at the BAMF! music festival during San Diego Comic Con. Moments daily when I'm thankful for my brothers Bryce, Jeff, Scott, Patrick and my producer Don who continue to follow my vision and commit the time to making KK sound the best it can sound for me and for you. Moments when I know how much the KK Music Fan Club on Patreon rules and powers KK to record videos, attend more conventions, and create more of the content you enjoy. They allow me to push KK harder much than I would be able to do without them, and that is a gratitude that goes beyond words. And finally, for each and every one of you that blasts "Going Home" on your way to a con, shares KK with your friends, sings along to our jams at shows, and everyone who has been with us through this nerd-rock journey over the past 6-years.


So, what's next?


More of what Kirby Krackle is all about; more songs, more videos, more coming out to see you at conventions. Looking at the past year, the thing I feel we do best that we did least of all was play live. That's crazy, because nothing makes me feel better in the entire world. I want to grow as a singer and as a performer. We have over 60 songs, and I intend to play them everywhere. I'm inspired to add more production to our live shows and start taking more risks with what you've come to expect from KK, and that feels exciting. In a geek-industy that across all mediums is riddled with traditional indie-inspired faux-"I don't care what people think of me, my art, and I'm surprised if you do" mentalities and declarations, I'm here to say I really care. I want us to have your heart fill up when you listen, and for you to not be able to come see us again when you leave our shows. 


I'm going to have to earn that reaction from you and as much effort as that's going take, caring as much as I do is the reason why it's worth it. 


There are a lot of things to pay attention to in this world. Jobs are tough, families take time, and I know as well as anyone how tempting it is to just Netflix all your free time away while everyone and every brand is pounding on your door trying get your attention. Because of those things, I know how special it is you're still listening. 


Happy New Year, and thank you for making 2015 a good one. 



Debuting "The Day My Powers Arrived" Official Music Video Directed By Garrett Gibbons.

While New Videos Are Being Finished Up, Check Out The Album Version of "Reverie" From The New Album, MUTATE, BABY! 

Why Should I Join The KK Music Fan Club / Support Nerd-Rock On Patreon?

Why should every Kirby Krackle fan become a KK Music Fan Club member and support our Patreon campaign? 

Kirby Krackle has had some amazing opportunities over the years, but at the end of the day we're an indie-band that survives on fan support to attend cons, shows, and release new records. We want to be able to do even more of those things! 

Why should every Kracklehead become a member of our Patreon / Music Fan club? I break it down for you in this new video describe how you can support KK in creating more of the nerd-rock goodness you love while receiving killer exclusives at the same time.

Learn more and find out how you can be member for only $4 a month at

Because it was written in the hope and spirit of amazing days like this, our song "The Same Thing" will always be free for all music lovers who want to live in a world made of more steps like we took today.

Our New Album MUTATE, BABY! Out Now! 

It's time to Mutate, Baby! 

Our fifth studio album MUTATE, BABY! is out now!

Thank you to all who make this album possible, the band, our producer Don Gunn, and our Kracklehead fanbase all around the world.

This is album was written for YOU to turn up in your car, sing loud with your friends, and to find the inner-superhero we all have inside of us. 

Nerd-Rock on and join support our Patreon by joining the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club to keep the nerd-rock flowing with two Fan Club exclusive songs every month! 



Thoughts On The New Year.

December 31st, 2014

Thoughts on the new year...

2014...I normally don't think of the year end as a defining moment to be reflected upon, but this year feels different. It's been the biggest year of transition for me and Kirby Krackle and the way we've done things for years for more than a few reasons. We had a member check out, we had a new band member come on's been an adjustment period big time for me that at some moments pulled me down pretty low, and others, solidified for me the path KK is set upon.

In 2014 we released Live In Calgary; a recording of our opening slot for Weird Al Yankovic as well as Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1; our 20-song "Best Of" chosen by Krackleheads the world over as a time-stamp of the first 5 years since we created the sub-genre of nerd-rock. We performed at the first ever Orlando Nerd Fest and spent 4 days with the best in nerd-music leaving unbelievably inspired to help continue to unite nerd-music in any way I can. I saw a glimpse of the future that weekend, and I'm dedicated to seeing that become a reality in my lifetime. In August, we launched the Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club via Patreon where fans are provided with 2-exlcusive recordings every month while they provide us with support in return and additional means to keep the KK machine going. It was a big roll of the "Is this going to work?" dice, and you guys had our backs.

And now here we are a year later, and yet another year passed quicker than the one before. And as with every year? Well, that's you guys, the Krackleheads who keep me inspired with every convention booth hello, email, and social-media post letting me know you're out there, you care, and that you're listening. 6 years ago this past month, KK started as a big experiment and a one-off album to fill a gap I saw in the place where nerds and music could meet. Today, it's a full-time 24/7 no off-switch deal, and that's only because of you guys. 

Thank You.

Since I started writing the songs this time last year, the boys and I have been busting our ass to bring you the best piece of time-capsule worthy nerd-rock we can for our fifth-album. More than a few days of bouncing off of walls and equal freak-outs have been had, for sure. We're *this close* to finishing it and I wish there was a bigger phrase than "I can't wait" for you to hear it, because that's how I feel. It's an album meant to be performed live and played loud; to be sung loud in crappy traffic and for families to enjoy together around the house. It's different. It's nerdy. It's sad. It's crazy fun. It's twisted. It's hopeful. And at times, it's angry. 2014 provided all of those feelings and to make 2015 into what I hope it will be, that's the record I needed to make.

Thank you all for allowing me and the guys to have eager ears to play for and to realize new dreams as the years go on that we never new we had. Here's to a happy and healthy 2015 and may all of us continue to grow into the best version of ourselves that we can be. If we want's there. 

I love you guys,


2014 Kirby Krackle Holiday Single "I'm Stuck In A Human Centipede For Christmas" Out Now.

Download the 2014 Kirby Krackle Holiday single, "I'm Trapped In A Human Centipede For Christmas" for free at 

Art by Matthew Fletcher -


Woke up a hospital bed 
Straps across my legs and my arms and my head 
Some would say I’m better off dead 
But me I see the positive in most things I guess 


I’m stuck in a Human Centipede for Christmas 
Walking on my knees with my new best friends 
Everybody’s cool so I’m skipping breakfast 
All the joy and cheer I feel it sinking in 
Never thought I’d feel this way again 

Caroling we sing loud and bright 
Beats the other choice which is crying all night 
Some would say I’m losing my mind 
But when else could we make up games like “train snowball fight” 


I’m stuck in a Human Centipede for Christmas 
Walking on my knees with my new best friends 
Everybody’s cool so I’m skipping breakfast 
All the joy and cheer I feel it sinking in 
Never thought I’d feel this way again 


When you say *mmmmmrrrppp* I know you’re wishing me Merry christmas 
When you say *mmmmmrrrppp* (ahh) Happy Holidays to you, too 

Woke up a hospital bed 
Straps across my legs and my arms and my head 


I’m stuck in a Human Centipede for Christmas 
Walking on my knees with my new best friends 
Everybody’s cool so I’m skipping breakfast 
All the joy and cheer I feel it sinking in 
Never thought I’d feel this way again

Kirby Krackle - "Nerd-Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" (Fan Club Single)

December 17. 2014

Nerd-Rocking Around the Christmas tree
You can save your tree-light strings
We'll get bulbs from Honey-Lemon
And we'll light our Lantern Rings
Nerd-Rocking around the Christmas tree
Let the ukulele's sing
Later we'll have Hostess pie
And open gifts from Wolverine

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear
Snowball fights with Storm and Bobby
Holiday drinks with Thor and Tony
Nerd-Rocking around the Christmas tree 
Have a happy holiday 
Everyone rocks nerdily in that Kirby Krackle way

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear
Santa Claus, yeah he's my homie
Reindeer? Hold up, those are bronies...

Nerd-Rocking around the Christmas tree 
Have a happy holiday 
Everyone rocks nerdily in that Kirby Krackle way

Give the nerd-rocker on your list a membership to KK Music Fan Club only on Patreon!

"Booty In The Stuffing (Feat. Lil' Kirby) - 2014 Thanksgiving Single


How many times at Thanksgiving feast
Between the veggies and the rolls and the meat
Have you ever felt like something ain't complete?
So come quick take and take a lesson from me
Cause there's a recipe that's passed from the ancients
And listen up cause you gotta patience
So when you're family calls and says to bring something,
Take it from me, put that Booty In The Stuffing...


You box a box top
You turn the lights low
You make your hips move
So you can stir doh
You ask for mom's help, cause baby trust me
Putting arms inside a turkey's hella nasty
Make sure that your ovens all cranked up to 350
How long does it take it all depends but 5 or 6ixy
Yo, and while it's cooking you can shake your booty till you sweat,
And when it's done? That stuffing broke the internet...


Vegas Bound / KK Music Fan Club "Monster Mash"

October 28, 2014

Hey Everybody!

It's been an action packed convention schedule this fall in the land of nerd-rock, and I'm bringing the TSA love-fest (yeah, right) to a close this week by appearing at the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival on Saturday, November 1st! I'll be exhibiting as well as performing that day so come out and join the fun!

I had a great time last month in Edmonton as well as in NYC for a week of seeing the sights and seeing the awesome fans at the booth all weekend. I'm really happy to hear that everyone is enjoying the KK Music Fan Club so much, and I've been having a great time trying to make it even more fun every month. Keep the feedback coming!

Still on fence of whether or not joining the fun works for you? No worries, mang! 

As a KK Music Fan Club member you receive 2 - Fan Club EXCLUSIVE songs a month, every month in my effort to keep your iTunes library fresh in-between official album releases. At the same time, your membership supports the creation of more music, videos, convention appearances, and all kinds of nerd-rock goodness we have in store for you. Join today to receive the KK version of the ghoul-tastic jam, "Monster Mash" this week! Take a look to see what level of membership works for you by heading to to find out more...

Lastly, we spent last weekend in the studio and pumped out three more nerd-rock jams for you readying our early-2015 release of Album #5! How did we get here??

You guys are to thank for that, and I'm so excited for you to hear what we've been cooking up for you!

See you in LV!


New York Comic Con Wrap-Up!

October 15th, 2014

Man, what a total blast I had at New York Comic Con!

From meeting up with the Marvel gang and taking in The Cloisters to exploring Brooklyn and throwing down at Rock Comic Con 5, it was nothing but a wonderful blur for the senses! Now back to the studio this week head down to continue work on album 5!

Here's a sample of what NYCC looked like from the live-stream room while I had the opportunity to chat with the Marvel team! Too fun. Shatterstar on vocals? Sounds like I have some competition...


Kirby Krackle Brand-New "Dancing Baby Groot" Shirt Now Available For Pre-Order.

September 10th, 2014

We're very excited to announce the debut our brand-new "Dancing Baby Groot" T-Shirt for the Fall convention season!

Featuring the "Dancing Baby Groot" single art from our KK Music Fan Club exclusive release by the amazing Dean Trippe, this shirt is now available for pre-order with sizes ranging from small-XXL. Printed white on black, there's no better way to represent nerd-rock in your hood!

Shipping late-September / early-October.

KK Dancing Baby Groot Shirt Image.jpg

New Single - "Dancing Baby Groot".

August 18, 2014

I know we were all psyched beyond belief heading to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY for the first time, but who thought the best part of the movie would come at the end in the form of a Dancing Baby Groot! Like you I'm sure, my heart was stolen and The Jackson 5 were given a massive upgrade in my music library.


Maybe the cutest thing ever this side of Megan Fox's weird thumb, I hope you enjoy the Kirby Krackle musical tribute to THE MAN and our 1st single for August...Dancing Baby Groot.


Kicking Off The Recording Of Album #5!

July 28th, 2014

Hoping everyone had a great time at SDCC this past weekend!

Why weren't we there? Because this past Friday we kicked off the first official recording sessions for our 5th full-length album! When we started KK in 2009 we had no idea how we would be received yet alone how many albums we would be fortunate to be able to make and here we are! As always, we're beyond excited about the new songs and a big part of that is the introduction of our new drummer, Jeff Gall. He likes sweet potato chips and CoolHaus ice cream bars so he's ok in our book.

This past weekend we slammed out 4 up-tembo and feverish new KK jams and now it's back to the garage to write more and prep for the Orlando Nerd Fest in a few weeks which will be the biggest nerd-music festival as of yet the world over. We're honored to be a part of it and hope to see you there!


Announcing The "Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club" Subscription Service Now On Patreon!

Join Here:

Why Should I Pledge? 

With so many options available and having yet to find a crowd-funding platform that we felt worked well for ourselves and our fans, we were inspired by the folks at Patreon to use their platform in launching the brand-spanking new Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club. Those who pledge will have a chance to be a part of our songwriting process in that you, the loyal Kracklehead will have access to our music before anyone else does and can join us on the songwriting journey we're always on in-between official album releases. I'll be releasing two-songs a month consisting of new songs that may or may not appear in the future on an official album release, acoustic fan favorites, and fun cover songs (songs I wish I wrote). We do a lot of writing in-between albums and this is your chance to subscribe to the Kirby Krackle stream of nerd-rock consciousness...however twisted that stream might be! 

What Are The Pledge Rewards?

Besides new songs, we're offering options of unprecedented levels of access into the world of KK with benefits including new songs, PDF copies of original hand-written lyric sheets, monthly live-steams, digital copies of our entire discography, custom songs, opportunities to hang with us in Seattle while we record albums, exclusive KK merchandise, and much more! Take a look and we're confident you'll find a level that works for you!

Where Dat Money Go? 

Great question! With your support we'll continue to keep the nerd-rock engine firing on all cylinders by putting your pledges towards more full-length albums, music videos, convention appearances, and touring both acoustic and full band. We've also been looking for a way to give back to the comics culture that has given so much to us and will be donating 10% of pledges to be split between Hero Initiative, an organization that helps comic creators in need and Child's Play, and organization that helps children in hospitals around the world through the video game industry and the power of play.

Thank you so very much for your continued support of Kirby Krackle! It's been an amazing journey so far, and we're excited to try something new...looking forward to having you along for the ride!


May Shows and Events!

May 5th, 2014


We've got some exciting events and shows coming up this month in Seattle!

May 8th - Barboza: We're excited to be opening up for brand-new Seattle nerd-rock band, The Icarus Kids for their EP Release Party. This is a 21+ event and our first time performing at the great Seattle rock venue. Details on advance tickets here!

May 9th - Charging Hippo Brewing Co. Debuts At Naked City For Seattle Beer Week: If you received our last email then you know that I have a new venture in the world of craft-beer in the form of Charging Hippo Brewing Co.! We'll be debuting our first offering, "Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter (brewed with Cadbury Creme Eggs and aged on oak and bourbon) at Naked City Brewing in Seattle on May 9th for Seattle Beer Week's "nano-night". Keep your eye out for other kegs that weekend/week on tap at 99-Bottles (Federal Way), Nobel Fir (Ballard)Beer Junction (West Seattle)Elliot Bay Pizza (Mill Creek), and Watershed (Northgate). Hope you to get to try some!

More info can be found at

May 10th - Loading Ready Run Con: I'll be performing solo-acoustic for the concert portion of this years LLR Con at the Double Tree Hotel in Seattle joining friends like Kris StraubThe Doubleclicks, and many more. Check here for advance ticket and show info.

May 17th - U-District Street Fair: Kirby Krackle will be performing full-band at the 2014 U-District Street Fair Saturday, May 17 from 1:00-1:45pm at the 43rd Street Stage (NE 43rd St & Brooklyn Ave NE). This is an all-ages and free event. Bring the kiddos down to sing along with us!

As you can see we're running around a lot this month in-between rehearsals prepping material for a new album as well as shooting a new live-action music video...more on that next time!

Be well and see you at the shows!


"Kirby Krackle Beer"? Call it Charging Hippo Brewing Co.!

April 28, 2014


If you've followed Kirby Krackle on social media at any point in the past 5-years, you may have noticed I'm a big craft-beer fan. Besides meeting all of you on my travels, some of the highlights of the past 5-years touring conventions around North America and beyond have been visiting breweries where I can fan-boy out and stare in awe at big stainless steel vessels holding the yeasty goodness that was once thought to have been brought to us by magic...maybe still a little of that, yes? You see, not only am a big comic-nerd but I'm a craft-beer nerd as well. Big time.

Starting in 2010 in-between convention stops and recording Kirby Krackle albums I taught myself how to brew, and in only a few months quickly developed the dream every brewer has...owning and operating my own brewery in tandem with my adventures with Kirby Krackle (well maybe not every brewer has a nerd-rock band, but you get what I'm saying!). It's been a long time coming, and now I'm happy to say I have something to share with you in the form of my brewery, Charging Hippo Brewing Co. We've been looking for a permanent home for the brewery for the past two-years north of Seattle, and though we're still looking, have decided to "charge" ahead with getting our beer out into the market in small batches.

On May 9th we'll be debuting the inaugural batch of Charging Hippo beer in Seattle at Naked City Brewing's "nano-night" during Seattle Beer Week (nano is slang for a small-batch brewery) along their stellar food and new outdoor beer garden. In the spirit of Kirby Krackle and all things weird, we'll have our "Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter on tap; and 8% behemoth brewed with Cadbury Creme Eggs aged on oak and bourbon and while you're there you'll be able to try many other selections from amazing small-batch local brewers as well. 

I'll be mentioning the progress of CHBC from time to time via the KK channels, but if you'd like to follow the entire journey I invite you to follow the progress via where you can connect to all of our social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc). 

As always, thank you very much for your support. It's fun to try new things, and I'm excited for you to enjoy this new addition to the Kirby Krackle family. 

Cheers and nerd-rock on!


Apocalypse Kow Covers "In Another Castle" A Cappella!

April 28. 2014

Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 Out Today. 

There's nothing that feels like new album day in the world; the day when we can finally share with all our fans new art and hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. 

Kirby Krackle - Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 is out today made of of 20-songs including our new single, "When I Miss You" as well as re-recordings of fan favorites "Naked Wii", "Marvelous Girls", "Up, Up, Down, Down" and "Villain Song". 

We can hardly believe it's been 5-years since we said hello, and Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 is a look back at all the fun we've had along the way.

The album is now available on iTunes for $9.99 (default iTunes setting) and Bandcamp for $19.99 which includes 20 album art items and is the way which directly supports the Kirby Krackle the most.

Whether you've been around since the beginning or new to the Kracklehead family, we hope you enjoy what we've put together for you!



Kirby Krackle - Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 Available For Pre-Order On Bandcamp (3/25 Release)

Pre-order Kirby Krackle - Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 on Bandcamp.

Kirby Krackle - Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 is a celebration of 5-years of being a band and of the relationship we have with our fans.

Made for the fans, and a track list chosen by the fans through years of fan-letters, emails, and social media posts, Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 is meant to be the ultimate Kirby Krackle album. 

The album will be digital release only and make the release special, we included a new song, "When I Miss You" which is made automatically available to you via download when pre-ordering. On top of that, we went into the studio to re-record 4 fan-favorites from our first album, KIRBY KRACKLE to bring the songs up to the level of our current recordings. 

Leading up to the release of the omnibus album we'll be unveiling two tracks a day before the release on 3/25.

Thank you for supporting Kirby Krackle, nerd-rock, and we're very thankful to have you as part of the Kracklehead family!


About the first single, "When I Miss You"...

In some ways, "When I Miss You" might be the most meaningful song we've ever written. The song is not about loss, but about celebration of the time we have with each other while we're here. Logan was my dog and buddy that was in my studio with me from the very beginning of Kirby Krackle and for many significant life events. He would sit by me every day and listen as I demoed songs for every album, and if you look closely was listed as "engineer" in the liner notes of most our physical releases. His job was just as important as any instrument in that he provided relaxation and light-heartedness for me when the business of being in an independent band would become stressful; an ear and trustworthy companion is there ever was one. 

Logan passed in my arms during Fall of 2012, right when I began writing songs for SOUNDS LIKE YOU and though I wanted to include a tribute to our friend on that album, it was just too soon. "When I Miss You" is something that had been floating around as a concept for a while but never finalized lyrically until the day we went in the studio; I just had to let it happen from the feeling of what he brought to my life. It was so important to have this song be just right, and only when I started singing from my heart and not from my head was when it began to take shape and become what the song was always meant to be.

We included "When I Miss You" as a new offering on GEEKIEST HITS: Vol. 1 as a tribute to our friend who has been there since the beginning of Kirby Krackle's journey, and will always be a part of it in spirit moving forward. 


Announcing new album, Kirby Krackle "Geekiest Hits: Vol.1" out March 25th.

20-Songs. Pre-order launches tomorrow with first single.

Like a Transformer, more than meets the eye with this one...

New Single "Everything Is Awesome!"


As a songwriter, the unicorn in the mist always worth chasing is an insane hook and intoxicating positive energy. "Everything Is Awesome' has both of those things, and we couldn't wait to dive right in with a our own version of the song. 

This is song is our tribute to LEGO: The Movie and the insanely catchy song written by Shawn Patterson, 

As a songwriter, the unicorn in the mist always worth chasing is an insane hook and intoxicating positive energy. "Everything Is Awesome' has both of those things, and we couldn't wait to dive right in with a our own version of the song. 

This is song is our tribute to LEGO: The Movie and the insanely catchy song written by Shawn Patterson, Joshua Bartholomew, and Lisa Harriton.


Everything is awesome
Everything is cool when you're part of a team
Everything is awesome when we're living our dream


Everything is better when we stick together 
Side by side, you and I gonna win forever, let's party forever
We're the same, I'm like you, you're like me, we're all working in harmony


Everything is awesome! 

Everything is cool when you're part of a team 

Everything is awesome, when we're living our dream



3, 2, 1, GO!

Have you heard the news, everyone's talking
True Detective is crazy awesome!
A new guitar, some FitBit Jewelry 

DVR clear? Then the whole world’s new to me
I feel more awesome than Rosario Dawson
No pinkeye in Sochi like Robert Costas
Some people try to tell you you’re not geeky enough

If you really like sports and never play tabletop 
But I’m in my own lane like Marshawn Lynch
Awesome friends always there if I’m stuck in a pinch (stuck in pinch) 

Everything is better when we stick together
Side by side, you and I, gonna win forever, let's party forever
We're the same, I'm like you, you're like me, we're all working in harmony


Everything is awesome! 

Everything is cool when you're part of a team
Everything is awesome, when we're living our dream


Fiona Staples, Lantern Rings
We just named two awesome things
Norman Reedus, Falcon Wings
You know what's awesome? Everything!
Stubbing your toe, biting your lip, shellfish sitting at room temp
None of these things I would suggest
So let’s get back to awesomeness! 

Kirkman, Fraction, Simone
They're awesome!
Tenant, Smith, Capaldi
They're awesome!
Fate, Octopus, McNinja
That's awesome! 

Everything you see, or think, or say
...Is awesome


Everything is awesome! 

Everything is cool when you're part of a team
Everything is awesome, when we're living our dream


An Open Letter To Nerd-Music.

An Open Letter To Nerd-Music:

I've said this many times before, and I'll say it forever; nerd-music can be enormously bigger than it is, but everyone has to start working together. More importantly and what I feel is the bigger issue...everyone has to want to if we're going to see any lasting change in what nerd-music has the potential to be.

All nerd-music comes from the same passionate place but recently I've been noticing a shift that's been putting a bad taste in my mouth, and one I want to eradicate from the genre Kirby Krackle helped form five-years ago.  Too many folks are grinding way too hard separately, and I'm putting out the challenge for all of us to find a new way to work smarter. Together. The only true enemy this genre formed out of love and joy has is ourselves; our fear in what happens if we don't look out for #1 first and foremost. There's more than enough room for all who choose to take a seat at the table of success if you're willing to work for it no matter how long you've been in the game, and only once we realize that will the real change I think we all are wanting manifest itself.

That said, I'm putting out a public challenge all of us musicians that define ourselves as "nerd music", and holding myself just as accountable: It's time to reexamine the greater goals of the movement, and change the default mind-set from, "what can I get from you to get to the next level?" to "how can we lift each other up?"...

Whether you've just finished a hugely successful Kickstarter (Great job, The Doubleclicks!) or just formed your Dr. Who band yesterday (good on you guys!), it's time for a change in how we all do things. 

I'm challenging Jonathan Coulton, Wil Wheaton, H2Awesome, The Doubleclicks, Nerd With Guitars, Paul And Storm, The Thundering Asteroids, Amanda Palmer, Adam Warrock, Beefy, Sci-Fried, Brent Black, Tribe One, Schaffer The Darklord, Debs & Errol Death*Star, Molly Lewis, Kid Apocalypse and the tens of other extremely talented nerd-music groups to strip away old ways of thinking that individual success in fractioned camps is better than nurturing the tidal-wave of nerd-music talent building stronger everyday ready to be unleashed upon the masses. As the one calling this out, I too realize that I need to hold myself ever increasingly to this standard and I'm looking forward it.

So it's time for a change friends, and I encourage more discussion moving forward. I don't have all the answers, but what I do know is what is happening now isn't working, and I'm pretty damn tired of waiting around for someone to say it. And I'll be honest...the pessimist in me can see this rallying cry lasting a few days, then the sound of the trumpets dying off to leave us where we currently are. Share this this with your friends. Pass this along to people it might get excited. Pass this to people it might piss off. It's time to shake things up, and I care too much not to say it.

I believe the potential of the nerd-music genre is limitless. I know we're better than we currently are.

Let's start kicking ass. Together.


LIVE IN CALGARY Out Today! Digital Download available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

KRACKLEFEST 4 Tickets Now On Sale For March 28th (Emerald City Comicon Weekend).

We're very excited to be announcing KRACKLEFEST 4 this year, the annual Kirby Krackle nerd-rock variety show taking place Emerald City Comicon weekend in Seattle on March 28th. Tickets on sale here.

This year's lineup includes Kirby Krackle, Death*Star, The Doubleclicks, and burlesque by Ms. Fever Blister (Los Angeles) and Seattle's own Eddie Van Glam.

As excited as we are about the show and seeing all the Krackleheads coming out to rock with us that weekend from all over, we're equally as excited to share with you the amazing show poster art put together by the uber-talented Dean Trippe as tribute to Seattle's Dick's Drive-In chain of restaurants. Today, Dick's celebrates it's 60th birthday as a Seattle institution and a huge part of the late night community. You know how California feels about In-N-Out? Multiply that by 100 and with an emotional attachment on top of that for faithful Seattleites. Grandparents take their grandkids there on the weekend; the same place where there parents took them 60 years-ago. You get where I'm going with this. Why did Kirby Krackle choose to pay tribute on the show poster this year? I'm actually surprised we didn't do it a long time ago, but very happy we coincidently debuted it on their birthday. It goes like this...

For the past 15 years, almost without fail I end up there at the end of the night after finishing up a performance. It started in my late-teens with the fact the chain was the only thing open (until 2:00 am) once the van was loaded and the band merch was all packed up, but quickly turned into a tradition; a completion of a hard night of sweat and rock n' roll that never quite seems complete unless I pull up and stand in that line for 10 minutes or more. And believe me, the lines get long as the Seattle faithful pour out of closing bars and clubs all over the city. The drunk girl who can barely stand up with mascara smudged all over her face shoving a Deluxe in her mouth like it's gonna run away, late night snackers trying to go unnoticed after walking there in cozy pants, and the bro wolf-pack pouring out smoke filled cars with an unprecedented case of  the munchies...all are represented.

Then there's me. I usually grab the same thing; Deluxe, Cheeseburger, Fry (you order the plural using the singular or you're gonna get a glare), and a strawberry shake. I take that steaming bag back to my car (oh crap, I forgot the tartar) and participate in that almost holy tradition of mine. I reflect on the show, what I did good, what I could have done better, meeting fans (what was the sound guy's name again?), and for a short time besides the ringing of my ears...all is quiet. The interesting and not surprising thing about this is if you look around the parking lot, there are plenty of people doing the same thing. Maybe they just got off work, maybe they're grabbing that burger their wife and doctor tell them "You're not supposed to have"...there are more than a few stories, I'm sure. The thing that connects everyone in their cars slowly steaming up from the hot deliciousness is a look of satisfaction and contentment.  

So Happy 60th Birthday, Dick's. Some shows I never want to end, some shows I didn't sing as well as I'd like to, and some shows I'd be lying if I said I didn't try to end the set a few songs short because I knew I wouldn't get to you before the plexi-glass shutter was closed on me. Hey, I gotta be honest.

Thank you for being a special part of my rock n' roll dreams, and I'll see you after the next show. 


Dean Trippe Kracklefest 4.jpg

Podcast Interview With


Did you miss yesterday's live podcast interview with 

Never fear! You can catch the entire hour-long interview here as the guys from FBI and Kyle chat about everything from the 90's Image boom, to what it means to be a geek in 2013 where the lines between niche and pop-culture are almost indistinguishable...LISTEN HERE.

"Set Your Phasers To Sexy" Video Debut

Hey guys! I went to Hawaii for the holidays to visit my family and was fortunate enough to do the ONE thing I couldn't miss out on...I had to get my jet-ski on! That said, halfway during my time they stopped me and stuck a Go-Pro on the front. What?? Too I tried to make an equally ridiculous video to go with it. I'd been wanting to do a lyric video for some time now, and thus this video for "Set Your Phasers To Sexy" was born!



You can now follow the photos and happenings of KK and Kyle on Instagram


Happy New Year! Here's Your 2013 Kirby Krackle Year-In-Review Slideshow!