You Can Be Anything - 2016 Single

by Kirby Krackle

Download here.


Corey and Amanda Hick's are Patreon subscribers whose rewards include having a custom song written in collaboration and last month I had the pleasure of taking up their challenge to write an inspired song in tribute to their young daughter, Jordyn. 

After a few months of back and forth feeling out what they were looking for and them providing me with key lines to fuel the spirit of the song, I finished and recorded, "You Can Be Anything" which they generously said I could share with you as a complimentary download. 

Being yourself, finding what works for you, daring to be unique; all themes they felt were important to include in this song. With my daughter due any day now, I turned to thoughts when writing it of what I would like her to know as she enters this both beautiful and crazy world. I think it helped me work through some thoughts and challenges I had been having getting ready for such a big life change, and once again I was greeted with an example of how music can heal and inspire. 

I hope you find a message in their song that you can pass along to the little ones in your life, and if you're like me the final product served as a needed personal reminder as well. 

Thanks to Corey and Amanda for the opportunity to collaborate with them and please enjoy, "You Can Be Anything".